Friday, June 19, 2009

ready or not: a moment of reflection

funny how life seems to sneak up on you sometimes. everything seems to fly by so fast it's hard to even catch a breathe. lately i've been thinking that i grew up way too fast. i was so eager to act like the college town party girl, i missed out on all the opportunities i had to act my age. years went by when i was pretending to be 21. being the party girl has made so many good memories for me but at the same time i feel like it completely wasted by childhood. well, i started acting this way around 13. yeah, messed up, i know. of course, i went to my first part at 14 and lost my virginity at 16. like so many things, my life has become so bittersweet. knowing you can't turn back the hands of time and recapture things you missed out on -- bitter. having courage and self-esteem to go with a spirit that's hard to break -- sweet. the life of cassandra turner has been a ride worth taking. i have amazing friends and i can finally look in the mirror and see someone who i'm proud to be. i know that i missed chances and paths to take, but regret is the only friend that will ever make you feel alone. so while i'm disappointed in myself for growing up way too soon, i'm also proud of who i am today. while there will always be things in your past who wish had gone according to plan, i've found that there's one rule that she be left unbroken. don't look back.

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Meena said...

you should be happy with the girl you see in the mirror, Cassandra. you're a great friend and you always have been. smile.